Workshops on Innovation in Elementary, Middle and High School Scheduling and Services Related to School Scheduling

The construction of the quality school schedule is essential leadership task. Dr. Michael D. Rettig has 35+ years of experience working with more than 1000 elementary, middle, and high schools in 43 states and internationally in Bermuda, Canada, Dubai, Germany, The Netherlands, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Dr. Rettig provides workshops for administrators and teachers on school scheduling topics, in addition to consulting with school districts and individual schools regarding the selection and construction of the most appropriate schedule given the district and school context.

Below is a list of Michael D. Rettig's current workshops. Click here for more detailed descriptions of the available workshops and consultations.

Workshop 1: Designing Quality Elementary School Schedules: Major Focus on Providing Structured Time for Intervention and Enrichment

Workshop 2: Scheduling Strategies for Middle Schools: Major Focus on Structured Time for Intervention and Enrichment

Workshop 3: Trends and Issues in High School Scheduling: Basic Scheduling Structures Revisited, Options for Intervention and Dropout Prevention Explored

Workshop 4: Scheduling and Organizing a Data-Driven Intervention/Enrichment Period

Workshop 5: Teaching in the Block: Strategies for Engaging Active Learners

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